Blooming €110m Jackpot!

31/05/2012 17:25:00


Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot is an estimated €110 million - the largest jackpot so far this year. You could come up smelling of roses, if you match the elusive five numbers and two Lucky Stars. Live on the interest alone. At €10,500 per day or €73,500 per week you wouldn’t even have to touch the jackpot.

The Bloom Festival will be in full swing this weekend and with €110 million to your name, you could splurge on some of the world’s most expensive flowers.

The blooming marvellous Shenzehn Nongke Orchid would barely make a dent in your bank balance at just over €200,000. This blossoming beauty is manmade following eight years of research by Chinese scientists.

If you’d prefer something more natural, why not go for the beautiful Gold of Kinabalu Orchid which costs over €3,700 per flower. But before you order a bunch, bear in mind that it’s an endangered species only to be found in Malaysia.

This fantastic EuroMillions jackpot has been rolling since Tuesday 1 May 2012. The last time it reached this amount was in October 2011 when a jackpot of €117 million was on offer.

Will the luck of the Irish win out this Friday? Be sure to play online before 7:25pm on Friday evening for a chance to win riches beyond your wildest dreams.

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